Rainwear: Stay dry and stylish through the showers

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The perfect rainwear not only has to be functional and waterproof, but of course also stylish. GALA presents great must-haves for 2022.

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Rainy days sometimes make it difficult for us to enjoy nature to the fullest. While a few raindrops can still be very romantic, we quickly lose patience when constant rain with stormy gusts is announced. But you don't have to be in a bad mood because of the rainy weather. After all, there is great rainwear that is both stylish and functional!

The make-up is already gone on the way to the office and the wet feet accompany us to every meeting throughout the day. Of course, in no time at all, a cold is approaching and the spring feeling is gone. The solution: waterproof rainwear that can withstand any weather and keeps us safe and dry through the rain.

What you should look out for when choosing rainwear

The perfect rainwear is

  • waterproof,
  • breathable,
  • windproof
  • and features taped seams to keep water out.

What does "water column" mean?

The hydrostatic head is a unit of measurement that indicates how waterproof materials are. It states how high water can stand above the clothing without it pressing through the material. The more waterproof the material, the higher the water column. According to the European standard, clothing is waterproof from a water column of 1,500 milliliters.

Rainwear yes, but please wear it nice!

Staying warm and dry through the rainy days is all well and good, but of course we want to look great while doing it. Rainwear in bright colors is a great way to bring a bit of color to dreary rainy days. Our favourite: this stylish rain jacket from Amundsen's Fjell. High-quality workmanship and a sunny yellow make it an eye-catcher on every walk.

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AMUNDSENS FJELL Raincoat Friese HEDDA yellow Shop now€99.90

Here you can buy the rainwear. If the price of this model does not convince you, you will find a cheaper alternative here. This is available in many bright colors.

Black rain jackets

Now you can not only attract attention with bright colors, but also with restrained elegance. Black always fits without exception and can be combined with all types of clothing and styles. So you can't go wrong with this.

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Black rain jacket from RainsShop now€ 94.90 €94.90

If you also prefer classic black when it comes to rainwear, this rain jacket is the right one for you. Not only does it impress with its timelessness, it is also breathable and has a high collar that protects you from wind and weather. In addition, the hood is lined, which ensures a cozy feeling and warmth. Thanks to the 5000 water column, the Berydale rain jacket is absolutely windproof and waterproof . Another plus point: the integrated drawstring can be used to add a feminine accent to the waist.

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-11%Berydale Women's Parka waterproof and windproofShop now€107.30 € 119.95

Here you can buy the rain jacket.

This waterproof rain jacket for women by Helly Hansen also looks great and is breathable and windproof. This outdoor jacket is also available here in many different colors in sizes S to 5XL.

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-27%Amazon: Helly Hansen Women's Outdoor Jacket Shop now80.42 € 110.00 €

Rainwear for moms

Even new mothers have to get through the rain dry. If you don't want to leave your baby in the rainproof stroller because it's pretty difficult to maneuver in the wind, rainwear for mothers is a good idea. This multifunctional jacket is suitable for any weather. It is waterproof, breathable, windproof and has a water column of 10,000 mm. It can be used as a maternity jacket during pregnancy, but also when the baby is there and should be worn in front of the chest. The perfect rainwear for mother and child!

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Amazon: Viva la Mama Maternity Rain Jacket with Baby Carrying Insert Shop now€139.00

The great thing about the outdoor jacket: The adjustable and softly lined hood offers optimum wind protection for the baby. Here you can buy the rain jacket in different colors in sizes S to XXL.

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C&AShop now€69.99

Transparent rainwear

The next must-have in terms of rainwear for 2021 also comes in elegant black. The highlight of this rain jacket, however, is its transparency. This allows you to admire your outfit through the jacket. Besides, it is made of eco-friendly material, breathable, anti-corrosion, quick-drying, waterproof and super stylish.

You can buy the rain jacket here.

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Amazon: Women's waterproof transparent raincoat Shop now€18.99

Practical and chic

Is your rain gear not transparent enough for you? With this model, all eyes are guaranteed to be on your outfit. You can conveniently stow the rain jacket in your handbag and pull it out as stylish rain protection when needed. The black strips on the transparent jacket make you an eye-catcher in no time.

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Amazon: Transparent Hooded Rain JacketShop Now€17.99

Here you can buy the cool rain cover.

Rainwear for cycling enthusiasts

If you don't want to be without your bike even when it's raining, a rain poncho offers the possibility of arriving at your destination dry. High visibility in road traffic can turn out to be a difficult criterion to implement when it comes to rainwear if you also want to be stylish.

Not with this rain poncho. This keeps you dry and, due to the yellow dots, is an eye-catcher that cannot be overlooked, even in the evening. Here you can buy the rain poncho. Rain trousers for particularly stormy days can be found here.

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Amazon: Zipped Hooded Rain Poncho Shop now€28.99

rubber boots

Dry feet are the be-all and end-all to enjoy spending time in the fresh air, even in rainy weather. Because even when the storm is over, streets and paths are a wet danger zone for nice shoes. However, this does not apply to rubber boots. Designers like Tommy Hilfiger have meanwhile embraced functional clothing and launched stylish rubber boots. This couple is particularly beautiful.

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-27%Tommy Hilfiger Women's Wellies Shop now€ 69.06 €94.90

Here you can buy it in different colors. The price varies between 60 and 140 euros depending on the size and color. You can find a stylish alternative for less than 20 euros here.

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Hunter welliesShop now€ 115.00 €115.00

Stylish through the rain

The presented rainwear did not convince you and you still prefer to reach for the umbrella? With this specimen , the walk will be much more fun and you will look gorgeous.

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VON LILIENFELD Umbrella Bell Umbrella TransparentShop now€29.90

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