"Chez Krömer": New season starts on October 31st

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Among other things, Jan Böhmermann and Jens Spahn are honored with Kurt Krömer: The new season of "Chez Krömer" starts on October 31st.

Comedian Kurt Krömer (47) starts a new round with his rbb show "Chez Krömer" on October 31. As the broadcaster announced on Friday, the new episodes of the seventh season will initially be shown online and from November 1st also on TV. In his “interrogation room”, Krömer then welcomes the following guests, among others: satirist Jan Böhmermann (41), former “Bild” boss Julian Reichelt (42) and CDU politician Jens Spahn (42).

The first episode of "Chez Krömer" from a total of six will be available in the ARD media library and on YouTube from 6 p.m., and it will be shown on rbb television a day later, on November 1st at 10:15 p.m. According to the broadcaster, there will be a seventh episode exclusively in the media library. The edition with guest Torsten Sträter (56) in season four was awarded the Grimme Prize 2022 in the entertainment category a few weeks ago. In it, both spoke about their psychological problems.

Bushido and Karl Lauterbach have already been guests of Kurt Krömer

In the show, which has been in production since 2019, Alexander Bojcan, Kurt Krömer's real name, welcomes one guest at a time and conducts a conversation with them that resembles an interrogation. The stage design was modeled on the look of a dusty office. So far, in addition to politicians like Kevin Kühnert (33), Karl Lauterbach (59) and Gregor Gysi (74), celebrities like Bushido (43), Harald Glööckler (57) and Sido (41) have also honored themselves.

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