Kim Jong-un: betrayed cover! Secret daughter Kim Ju-ae discovered during TV appearance

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The face of North Korea 's leader Kim Jong-un's daughter has been secretly revealed on the country's propaganda TV, experts believe. The girl, likely identified as Kim Ju-ae, the dictator's only known child, reportedly performed at the country's National Day celebrations earlier this month.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un reveals secret daughter on National Day

The little one is said to have been one of several children who performed a song for Kim Jong-un and his wife Ri Sol-ju. According to the British " Mirror ", experts also claim that they noticed something very special towards the end of the performance. An analyst for the blog InDPRK, who writes under the pseudonym Samhero, noticed the Ri Sol-ju reaching out to the girl at the end of the performance. She touches his back, talks to him personally and is only interrupted when she has to push another girl aside who is standing in Kim Jong-un's way.

What Kim Jong-un's secret daughter Kim Ju-ae may have revealed

As the other children flock to the despot and jump with excitement, Kim Ju-ae appears to grab another girl's arm to restrain her if she follows her father too closely. But other clues point to Kim Ju-ae being the tyrant's daughter. Thus, the analyst claims that the camera only focuses on her when the chant begins and lingers for several seconds before returning to her again and again.

Her looks are also striking as she is the only girl with her hair down and the only one wearing white socks. In addition, the North Korean dictator and his wife seem to be very involved in the performance themselves. At one point, the camera pans straight from the beaming family to a close-up of the girl. Another time, the tyrant's sister, Kim Yo-jong, apparently wipes her tears away. It was also noted that the girl performed only once when the bully was present - and apparently missed a repeat the following night.


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