Fashion must-haves: The 5 coolest it-pieces in a trend check

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Which fashionable it-pieces belong in every wardrobe at the moment? Every month, the GALA editorial team presents you with the five most stylish new products – this time their favorites from September.

The new season is about to start and with it the latest trends. Here you can find out which pieces are moving in with us in the upcoming autumn/winter season.

Style meets e-bike

Anna-Lisa setzt im Herbst auf die Teddyweste von Scotch&Soda x Veloretti
Anna-Lisa wears the teddy vest from Scotch&Soda x Veloretti in autumn © PR

Trend piece: Teddy waistcoat from the Scotch & Soda x Veloretti "Amsterdam Proof" collection
Trend potential: rain, sun, wind and storms – autumn has a lot to offer in terms of weather. The vest made of cuddly teddy fur from the Scotch & Soda x Veloretti "Amsterdam Proof" collection, which is both functional and stylish, is perfect for typical autumn days when it's not too cold yet, but also not too late summer warm. With a wool sweater underneath or a denim shirt, the autumn style is complete, which not only "defies the elements in Amsterdam", but also copes with the weather in Hamburg.
Can be combined with: jeans or knitted dress, leggings or culottes, I actually love the waistcoat with all my clothes. I can imagine them as a break in style with an elegant look as well as with a practical outfit for a walk through the park with my dog.
Perfect for autumn because: it warms you up nicely, but at the same time you don't sweat in it. The special highlight of the collection: there is a limited edition of Veloretti electric and city bikes to match the clothes. The bikes come in a cool camouflage design in a typical Dutch shade of green and are reminiscent of the color palette of the "Amsterdam Proof" collection. Bike and look matched - more style is hardly possible! The bikes cost between 399 and 2,699 euros and are available from August 22 to November 15, 2022.

Endless long autumn walks

Mode- und Beauty-Redakteurin Jessica hat die Bottle Bag FLSK x ANY DI getestet. 
Fashion and Beauty Editor Jessica tested the Bottle Bag FLSK x ANY DI. ©PR

Trend part: Bottle Bag by FLSK x ANY DI
Price: 140 euros
Trend potential : In addition to its practical properties, it is also extremely environmentally friendly and resource-friendly and produces fewer emissions than conventional leather. The bag thus combines sustainable enjoyment with stylish design.
Can be combined with: my autumn jacket, sunglasses and comfortable shoes!
Perfect for autumn because: I have my hands free on autumn walks with a thick jacket. The bottle bag not only offers space for a stainless steel drinking bottle, but also for my sunglasses.

Perfectly packed

Volontärin Leonie entscheidet sich im Herbst für einen kuscheligen Strickcardigan
Volunteer Leonie opts for a cozy knitted cardigan in autumn © PR

Trend piece: Overlapping Cardigan by & Other Stories
Price: 129 euros
Trend potential: The knitted cardigan is a real eye-catcher thanks to the special button placket and thus differs significantly from the classic cuts. As a result, the jacket gives every outfit a special touch and still appears very timeless thanks to the colour.
Can be combined with: The cardigan looks particularly good with light-colored jeans. It can also sit a little looser, because at the moment and especially in autumn, it should be oversized. A beautiful satin skirt can also be wonderfully combined with the knitted piece and turns the cozy look into an outfit that also works well into the evening hours.
Perfect for autumn because: the knitted cardigan keeps us nice and warm and invites you to cuddle up. It doesn't matter whether I wear it at home on the couch or outside in the café, it makes every situation more comfortable and defies the colder temperatures.

Everything in the red!

Hannah teste die Perioden Pants von Sloggi.
Hannah testing the period pants from Sloggi. ©PR

Trend part: period pants by Sloggi
Price: around 30 euros
Application: Like so many others, I was rather critical of the subject of period underwear. I am all the more enthusiastic about the period pants from Sloggi . The underpants are available in two different strengths, cuts and colors and can replace up to three tampons. So on the busiest day of my period, I slipped into my panties and honestly waited until something went wrong - literally. But the wait was forgiven. The underwear is super comfortable and reliably absorbed the blood. No nappy feeling, no smell, no problem.
Perfect for fall because: If someone had told me a few weeks ago that I was really going to replace my tampons with panties, I would have laughed. But especially in autumn, comfort is very important to me. I am all the more enthusiastic about the possibility of doing without tampons and opting for comfortable underwear.

Extend the summer

Glücklicherweise sind Maxikleider in diesem Herbst super angesagt lösen die Midi-Länge ab. Nane, Head of Fashion, freut sich darüber ganz besonders.
Luckily, maxi dresses are super hip this fall, replacing the midi length. Nane, Head of Fashion, is particularly pleased about this. © Ilja Gaus/PR

Trend part: tunic-style maxi dress by comma
Price: around 150 euros
Trend potential: Two trends meet in this dress: the maxi length and the color lilac. You can't avoid both trends this fall.
Can be combined with: No matter whether sneakers and denim jacket or elegant boots and blazer - this dress is extremely versatile and can be easily restyled with just a few accessories.
Perfect for autumn because: the shade of lilac brings fresh color into autumn and conjures up some variety in our wardrobe. I especially love to combine maxi dresses with chunky cardigans when it gets cooler in the evening on a golden autumn day.

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