Your daily horoscope on Friday, September 23rd, 2022: Be careful! That's what the stars have in store today

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According to the daily horoscope , what should you watch out for on Friday? Take advantage of the opportunities that the stars offer you today. How can opportunities be recognized and used? How can you approach the day in a more balanced way? You can find out all this and more in the free horoscope of . Whether Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces: All ascendants and zodiac signs can read the tips they need here. Life advice for the important things in your life: success, love and health.
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♈ Aries daily horoscope

March 21 to April 20

Love horoscope : Even a beautiful thing like love can sometimes be too much of a good thing. Tell your loved one that if you want some rest , it's not necessarily their fault. So this one can give you the space you need without worrying unnecessarily.

Job Horoscope : Every now and then we get the impression that all the work is getting too much for us. Job, family and home all take up a large part of our time. If you feel like it's getting too much, first make a plan to get it done with minimal pressure or ask a close friend for help.

Health Horoscope : Stress can build up over time. Take 10 minutes at work to gather yourself. Actively looking for relaxation in the afternoon or in the evening is not only relaxing, but also good for your health.

Tarot Card of the Day: Your personal card for the day : The Emperor : Control and dominion are the central aspects of this card. Worldly Superiority is a defining trait of this card. But it also pushes the two-sidedness when tameness comes with taming.

♉ Taurus daily horoscope

April 21 to May 21

Love horoscope : Not everything we wish for will come true, no matter how hard we work for it. If you try and fail to win someone 's love , but that person doesn't return your feelings, you are harming yourself in the long run.

Job horoscope : Your commitment pays off. If you don't hide your results, others will recognize and value your work.

Health horoscope : Your diet deserves special attention today. Since you haven't been paying as much attention to her as might have been appropriate over the past few days, you should now be very careful about what you eat.

Tarot Card of the Day: This tarot trump will determine your day today : The Tower : Great, sometimes painful, change is represented by the Tower. Depending on the context, the card can indicate total destruction, but it can also stand for liberation from an order that might not have been so good after all.

♊ Gemini daily horoscope

May 22nd to June 21st

Love horoscope : A love relationship requires constant work, even if it has existed for many years. Take a few minutes today and appreciate the little things about your loved one or loved one.

Job horoscope : If it seems to you that the mountain of tasks is getting bigger and bigger, the moment could have come in the next few days to consider which tasks are still necessary. You should also check whether things can be given away - ideally to people who are really enthusiastic about the topic.

Health horoscope : Your own health is important and unfortunately cannot be taken for granted. A little exercise is essential for maintaining mind and body . Take the time to do a little physical exercise.

Tarot Card of the Day: Find advice in the cards of the Tarot : Lust : Also known as Strength, this card refers to passion and physicality . You can see a lion being tamed and ridden by a woman. The creation of nature, which she has made subject, can be experienced directly by her, without distraction.

♋ Cancer daily horoscope

June 22 to July 22

Love horoscope : Even small things that are negative in everyday life with your partner have to be addressed at some point. Talk to your partner about when you want to take the time to talk about it, safe in the knowledge that no topic is an insurmountable obstacle .

Job horoscope : Things don't always go as planned. You must show perseverance when difficult situations arise. Stay calm when an increasing number of unexpected turns are throwing your plans upside down.

Health Horoscope : Stress almost always has a negative effect on our health. Tensions, unusual eating habits or sleep disturbances occur. Compare today how strong your tension really is and what effects it has on your health. Many feelings of discomfort can be traced back to a lack of serenity.

Tarot Card of the Day: Your personal card for the day : The Hermit : The Hermit represents creation. He carries a lamp that he can use to guide others . Everything that is touched by the rays of the lamp is filled with life, because the sun shines in the lamp.

♌ Leo daily horoscope

July 23 to August 22

Love horoscope : “Love goes through the stomach” is an old, well-known saying, but a surprise candlelight dinner can be an opportunity to rediscover each other in a playful and new way .

Job horoscope : Make sure you also do and keep track of secondary tasks. Large tasks are only seldom completed with a large action and often after many small steps that were important, one does not notice that one has already reached the big goal .

Health horoscope : Today you have the chance of a day without stress, especially through a relaxed, structured morning routine: get up on time, have breakfast and sort your thoughts again on the way to work. This is a sure way to start a balanced day .

Tarot Card of the Day: Let the Tarot Mysteries guide you : The Moon : The rebirth of light is a central theme of this card. Like the phases of the moon, which light up the night but can also leave us in the dark. It should remind us of the duality of the world and, above all, that we can only know happiness if we also know unhappiness.

♍ Virgo daily horoscope

August 23 to September 22

Love horoscope :

Job Horoscope : Changes at work don't have to be bad. If your tasks are getting too boring for you, just have a look around. You might discover a new way to develop yourself.

Health horoscope : If you have recovered after a long period of depression, you can now put the new energy directly into action. The right balance is worth its weight in gold!

Tarot Card of the Day: Find advice in the cards of the Tarot : The Chariot : In Classical Tarot, signifies a necessary decision . Depictions usually show the draft animals waiting and looking in different directions. So the charioteer has to make a decision and make it clear in order to move on.

♎ Libra daily horoscope

September 23 to October 22

Love horoscope : Your partner and friends sometimes feel neglected, show them that you care about them. Spending time together or a small gift are just two of the countless ways to show affection .

Job horoscope : At the moment you can usually think of a more or less suitable solution for everything, but choose carefully. The first idea is not always the best. Critically questioning yourself and accepting criticism from others is an important part of finding lasting solutions.

Health Horoscope : Your body needs a lot of exercise right now. Even if you don't feel that way yourself, you should give in to your body's need for movement. So you can get through the next few days with more energy.

Tarot Card of the Day: Let the Mysteries of the Tarot Guide You : The Art : This tarot card represents the creative abilities of man . The unlimited possibilities should be illustrated here. From taming fire and light to death, where we don't know what comes after.

♏ Scorpio daily horoscope

October 23 to November 22

Love horoscope : There can be too much of beautiful things. So don't fret if a kind gesture isn't received the way you expect. Instead of demanding gratitude, show consideration and greatness .

Job Horoscope : Use your current energy and finish current tasks that have been pending for a long time. You can also slow down after completing challenges.

Health horoscope : Small arguments with people we like can get on our nerves in the long run. Sometimes it's just more comfortable to sidestep potential issues or decide in advance not to discuss certain topics this time.

Tarot Card of the Day: Find advice in the Tarot Cards : The Empress : She represents nature and her ever-changing immutability. She also represents the connection between parents and children as it is found everywhere in living nature.

♐ Sagittarius daily horoscope

November 23rd to December 20th

Love horoscope : It is not always possible to win. Even if you don't make mistakes, the result can be defeat . But when life goes like this, you should n't throw everything away because of it .

Job horoscope : Small tasks that do not seem urgent often lead to them piling up over time. But at the moment you have the energy to finally do it. There might even be a chance to come up with a new plan that takes those tasks into account so they don't pile up again.

Health horoscope : We often don't even notice how the body adapts to unhealthy postures. Even over a long period of time, we can put up with a crooked sitting position or a twisted head without there being any direct consequences. But over time, damage and pain can creep in. Check yourself and those around you to see if you could tolerate a change.

Tarot Card of the Day: This tarot trump card will rule your day today : The Aeon : This card is also known as Time or the Last Judgment. But here, too, the allusion is not to doom, but to the process of rebirth . As in a cycle, the universe is reborn and all chances and possibilities are redistributed.

♑ Capricorn daily horoscope

December 21st to January 19th

Love horoscope : If you want to interfere in your friends' relationships because you think you see the problem, then you better exercise caution. It is best to ask first whether your advice is welcome.

Job horoscope : If you have been successful in your current activities, you can take advantage of the moment and discuss important negotiations with the executive floor in the next few days.

Health Horoscope : Your patience will be severely tested in the coming days. Be sure to take time to calm down. Because if you strain yourself too much, you risk long-term performance degradation.

Tarot Card of the Day: Find advice in the Tarot cards : The Magician : Transformer of matter, the Magician embodies knowledge, will and daring . Shaping one's own path according to one's own wishes is the magician's power.

♒ Aquarius daily horoscope

January 20th to February 18th

Love horoscope : You are caught between devotion to others and self-care. Tell yourself and those around you what should come first and what should come next.

Job horoscope : do not lose patience . Even if some people seem to resist accepting a solution: stay calm and approach everything objectively. Because whoever has the better argument should ultimately be right.

Health horoscope : You should be more careful about your health. Constant overexploitation of oneself cannot endure in the long run. Take the necessary breaks and relax. Your body will thank you.

Tarot card of the day: Your personal card for the day : The star : Even if it is not always visible, the star is a signpost that is in the sky every night. It guides people from the past to the future , without inevitably to be part of it. Its rays are rectilinear and change little as they travel through the cosmos.

♓ Pisces daily horoscope

February 19th to March 20th

Love horoscope : Even if it is normal to be sad, you should not swallow your sorrow . Talk to a friend or someone you trust about what is bothering you.

Job horoscope : When starting new tasks, it pays to keep your feet on the ground. Even if you are literally bubbling over with ideas, you should take a few minutes to jot down a few important thoughts and ensure that you have a good structure right from the start.

Health Horoscope : Not just so that other people don't get a bad impression of you. Cleanliness can massively improve one's own well-being . If you treat yourself to some relaxation and body care, it will also pay off for you on a very personal level.

Tarot Card of the Day : Consult the mysteries of the Tarot : The Hierophant/High Priest : The Hierophant is the keeper of secrets. It stands for keeping and remembering secrets . But also for the change that secrets can bring about.

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