Queen Elizabeth († 96): Favorite pony Emma knew that the Queen "would never ride her again"

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Numerous heads of state, royals and important personalities bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth in London and Windsor. Her beloved pony also attended the centenary event and provided heartbreaking pictures. Emma seems to have known that the Queen would no longer ride with her.

After a large funeral service for Queen Elizabeth, † 96, with international guests in London's Westminster Abbey on Monday, September 19, 2022, the monarch's coffin was brought to Windsor in a procession. The roadside to the castle was covered with a sea of flowers, thousands of people waited to see their queen one last time. And there was also a very special companion: Emma, her favorite pony.

Queen Elizabeth: Favorite pony Emma says goodbye

As the funeral procession carrying the Queen's coffin in the hearse made its way down the Long Walk, a tree-lined path leading to Windsor Castle, cameras captured a touching moment. Amidst the flowers laid for the Queen stood Terry Pendry, the Queen's equerry, holding her beloved pony by the halter.

Ein Bild, bei dem einem das Herz ganz weit aufgeht: Das Lieblingspony von Queen Elizabeth, Emma, steht am Rand der Prozession, als der Sarg mit der Monarchin vorbeifährt.
A picture that will make your heart soar: Queen Elizabeth's favorite pony, Emma, stands on the edge of the procession as the coffin with the monarch rolls by. © Aaron Chown/Pool photo via AP/Picture Alliance

Queen Elizabeth stuck to her favorite hobby, horseback riding, into old age. In the end, she preferred to mount ponies rather than horses. She preferred fur ponies, like Emma is one. They are considered robust and calm. Even on her 91st birthday, the Queen was photographed riding her beloved pony on the banks of the Thames.

Emma has been by her side for 20 years, so it's no wonder she was allowed to be there when the record monarch said goodbye. "It's only been a few months since the Queen was spotted horse riding in the park. As many people have mentioned today, her two great passions were horses and dogs," explained BBC News commentator David Dimbleby. "It's quite a touching sight that Emma was brought out to watch the procession go by."

Queen Elizabeth ging bis zuletzt ihrer Leidenschaft, dem Reiten, nach (hier auf Fell-Pony Balmoral Fern).
Queen Elizabeth followed her passion, horseback riding, to the end (here on fur pony Balmoral Fern). © Steve Parsons/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Terry Pendry: Pony Emma had 'kind of a sixth sense'

Terry Pendry is also filled with pride as he recalls the moment he and Emma watched the Queen's coffin pass in the procession. "It was an honor and a privilege to have Emma to say one last goodbye to Her Majesty," the stable master, who also attended services at St George's Chapel and lives on the property, told Daily Mail". "The Queen loved Emma and rode her for over 20 years so it was only right that she be there and she behaved so immaculately."

In July, just before her annual summer holiday in Scotland, Elizabeth II had taken Emma for one last ride. "I've ridden with the Queen for years and the last time she sat on Emma was on July 18th - two days before she left for Balmoral," Pendry said. "I think she [Emma] probably had some kind of sixth sense that Her Majesty would never ride her again and she did her credit by standing so respectfully."

With all the impressions of the big state funeral, one loving detail went almost unnoticed by the spectators: inside, which probably also melts the last chunk of ice. The Queen's favorite headscarf adorned Emma's saddle. A detail Terry Pendry thought of in honor of the Queen: "The Queen always rode in a white sheepskin saddle, which was her favorite saddle, so I made sure Emma wore that too. As a finishing touch, I then added the Hermès Her Majesty's headscarf placed on the saddle. It was her favorite scarf, with horses and carriages printed on it."

The monarch was usually seen wearing a silk headscarf on her rides, but also on trips to the riding stables or horse races. She refrained from wearing a rider's helmet so as not to ruin her hairdo.

Queen Elizabeth spoke of her love for horses to the end

The Queen is said to have talked about "her love for her horses" right up to the end, according to John Warren, her personal horse racing adviser. He spent the weekend before her death with the queen and talked to her about her horses. "We sat together for hours over the weekend and made plans for the future," he told the PA news agency.

Not only Emma said goodbye to her companion, Her Majesty's corgis also made a touching appearance on Monday afternoon while she was being taken to her final resting place in Windsor. Muick and Sandy sat in the castle courtyard and also watched as the procession passed them to St. George's Chapel. They will also miss their mistress painfully.

Source used: bbc.com, express.co.uk

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