Princess Anne: First appointment after the Queen's funeral

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The Royals appear calm after the Queen's funeral. After William and Kate, Princess Anne also made an appointment again.

Not only Prince William (40) and Duchess Kate (40) made a public appointment for the first time after the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II (1926-2022). The late Queen's daughter, Princess Anne (72), also met again in public on Thursday.

As Commander-in-Chief of Portsmouth, she paid a visit to Portsmouth Naval Base to thank the members of the Royal Navy who attended the funeral procession carrying Queen Elizabeth II's coffin.

Photos show Anne dressed in a black pants suit. She calmly shakes the hands of the relatives and sometimes even gives them a small smile.

time of royal mourning

The British royal family withdrew for a week after the Queen's state funeral last Monday (September 19) as part of a period of mourning. According to experts, the royals are unlikely to make any public appearances during the royal mourning period. However, small visits to thank the people who attended the ceremonies are possible.

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