Mineral powder : Our 3 favorites for a natural look

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Mineral powder has been traded as the ideal foundation for years because it neither clogs the pores nor does it consist of many ingredients. GALA will show you what else the miracle powder can do and which ones are the best.

A foundation that does not clog the pores and at the same time offers good sun protection - mineral powders are small all-rounders and have proven for years that they are the best make-up alternative for sensitive skin. We will tell you what the difference to other foundations is and why mineral powder is not the same as compact powder.

What is mineral powder?

What makes the mineral powder so special are its ingredients. Because while many foundations advertise non-comedogenic substances, but the list of ingredients says otherwise, mineral powders prove that they actually do not clog the pores, i.e. are free of comedogenic substances.

  • Explanation: non-comedogenic substances

Instead of silicones and paraffins, mineral powders use zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, as well as clay, calcium and magnesium to care for the skin and rid it of excess oil. The zinc oxides also have an antibacterial effect, which is why mineral make-up is ideal for acne-prone skin. The powder covers your skin like a light veil and does not penetrate into it like other foundations. Incidentally, the oxides also ensure that mineral powders have natural UV protection , which reflects sunlight and acts like a mirror on the skin. Here, too, there is an advantage for acne sufferers, because mineral sun protection is better for your skin than chemical sun protection, which penetrates the skin and has a chemical effect there.

3 top products that won't clog pores

Compact powder, loose powder or mineral powder? With the wide selection of powder variants, it is easy to lose track. But compact powder and loose powder are not comparable to mineral make-up, as they usually also contain talc, which is known to clog pores. So that you don't have to worry about that, we have selected three mineral powders that definitely do not contain any harmful substances.

IDUN Minerals

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The foundation from IDUN Minerals not only impresses with its ingredients, but also with its variety of colors, with which every skin type gets its money's worth . It contains mica and zinc oxides, which are enhanced with harmless color pigments. The product is vegan , is also suitable as a sunscreen because of the oxide it contains and is even the only product in this area that is recommended by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Association (for sensitive skin).

marie w.

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The manufactory make-up by marie w. has been known for years for its good coverage, being gentle on the skin and also economical . The five gram can is enough for at least five months, as the foundation is already opaque with a small amount and thus not only pimple marks, but also pores and other bumps disappear optically. The mineral powder has the NATRUE certificate, is therefore an absolute quality product and, despite its good opacity , does not look like a mask . Instead, you can expect a natural and fresh complexion. Here, too, the list of ingredients is very limited to titanium dioxide, mica and silica as well as recommended mineral color pigments.

bellápierre cosmetics

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With the 5-in-1 mineral foundation, Bellápierre supplies a cosmetic product that is suitable for normal skin as well as for sensitive and allergy-prone skin . Its ingredients such as Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide and Iron Oxide create the perfect blend to nourish and cover any skin at the same time. Therefore, all mineral powders can also be used as a concealer if only certain areas are to be covered. Alternatively, you can also use it as a setting powder, but then with a powder brush to minimize opacity. bellápierre's mineral make-up has also been awarded the Leaping Bunny certificate.

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Why mineral powder is the best foundation for acne

When you think of powder, you might think of dry particles that make our skin look pale, sallow and lacking in moisture. This may be the case with ordinary powder, which you either use to set your foundation or dab off greasy areas of skin. With mineral powder, however, you can largely replace the usual foundation , since mineral powder already has an opaque function thanks to its pigments. The advantage here is that the skin does not shine after applying the mineral powder, as the powder has already absorbed the excess fats. Similar to a dry shampoo on the scalp.

Therefore, mineral powder is also perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin , because the make-up neither penetrates the skin and thus clogs the pores nor leaves a shine. Instead, your complexion appears even and balanced because the mineral make-up reliably covers it. Another benefit of the mineral powder is that it is easy to apply and is the most painless and reliable way to wear makeup for acne sufferers . With little pressure, even inflamed pimples can be covered quite well without much effort. Just be careful to dab the powder in this case and apply it in less circular motions. This protects the already inflamed and sensitive areas of the skin.

What skin type is Mineral Powder suitable for?

When it comes to make-up, many people ask themselves whether the foundation also suits their own skin type. This can change from time to time and is not necessarily a permanent condition, since our skin always adapts to internal and external conditions. However, sensitive skin, oily skin and normal skin cannot always turn to the same products. Is that different with mineral powder? Yes!

Because not only those affected by acne benefit from mineral make-up. People with sensitive skin can also use mineral powder as make-up, as the list of ingredients is very small in most cases - which means, conversely, that there is as little potential for irritation as possible. Fragrances in particular are a no-go for sensitive skin, but they are largely avoided in mineral powder.

If you have normal skin , you don't have to worry, because you are free to choose which make-up you use. But even in your case, a mineral powder is the right choice, because with a few brush strokes you have magically evened out your skin without having to have the feeling of wearing a make-up mask.

Mature and dry skin needs the right care for a mineral powder. In our face cream test you will find out which cream suits you best.

What does non-comedogenic mean?

Cosmetics are created by mixing different ingredients. However, these ingredients do not aim to be particularly caring. Instead, they often worsen the skin and trigger allergies or influence the hormone balance. The result is an inflamed and uneven epidermis . In order to find out what non-comedogenic means, it must first be clarified what comedogenic means: It is derived from the Latin word for blackheads, "komedo". Means that cosmetics containing comedogenic promote blackheads and stimulate the production of endogenous talc, or clog the skin surface so that the talc cannot drain properly . This results in inflammation in the dermis, i.e. the skin layer below the epidermis, our skin. This inflammation, in some cases, develops into widespread acne. Of course, there are other triggers for acne, but if you are affected by them, take care of your skin and avoid comedogenic products in your cosmetics . These include silicones, paraffins, parabens, PEG derivatives and some oils.

Which color suits my complexion?

The question of the right shade of mineral powder is answered by determining your own lower skin tone. If you have a pinkish complexion that makes your veins appear blue or purple, then cool tones that are in the bluish red-pink range suit you. An olive-yellow undertone, on the other hand, needs warm colors with a peach touch.

After that, see if you have a light or dark complexion and then choose the right shade of cosmetic product. Many article names already give an indication of the color such as "warm" or "pink".

How do you use a mineral powder?

The best way to apply a mineral powder is to use a kabuki brush . While the handle of the brush is rather short and wide, a lot of volume is required for the head. As a result, it also has the property of picking up powder evenly and releasing it again. Pour a small amount of the powder into the lid of the powder pot, then pick it up with the Kabuki brush . Then distribute the mineral powder on your skin with dabbing or circular movements - depending on how strong the coverage should be.

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How long does Mineral Powder last?

Mineral powder has a fairly long shelf life, although it does not contain any preservatives. How long exactly your selected powder can be used after opening can be found in the illustration on the back or bottom . There you can usually see a pot on which a number followed by an M is noted. The M stands for months and the number indicates how many months your powder can be used after the first use.

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