Maxi skirt trend 2022: stylish through the cold autumn

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With a maxi skirt you are well equipped for every season. Which skirt shapes are currently essential for your wardrobe? We'll show you.

Maxi skirts are not only stylish it-pieces in spring and summer - you can also combine the long skirts perfectly with boots or ankle boots and a matching top in autumn and winter. We will tell you how you can do this and which skirt shape you should choose so that you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

What makes a maxi skirt?

As the name suggests, a maxi skirt is one that is particularly long. While midi skirts like the pencil skirt or mini skirts in a tennis core look pay more attention to the legs, the maxi skirt is more about the garment itself. With their length, they should cover the calf to be considered maxi. What fabric they are made of, how many zippers they have and what patterns can be seen on them all have something to do with the style itself. Only the length plays a role in the maxi skirt. We are now showing you five models that are guaranteed to be comfortable and yet stylish.

We now carry these five models

slip skirt

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Leo Print Slip SkirtShop now€99.99

Just like the slip dress, with the slip skirt it is self-explanatory how to put the skirt on. Usually with a small elastic band at the waistband, you can simply slip into the skirt. Thanks to its hourglass shape, it flatters your silhouette and emphasizes exactly the right parts of your body. Incidentally, slip skirts – whether in midi or maxi length – are among the most popular this autumn and winter. It's best paired with a pair of heeled or flat boots and a baggy cropped sweater.


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Maxi length sarongShop now€49.00

A sarong , i.e. a wrap skirt consisting of a length of fabric, is at first glance a very summery skirt. But at second glance you can see the possibilities of styling the maxi skirt at lower temperatures. This skirt also emphasizes your hips and makes them look very even thanks to the ruffles where the skirt is tied. Sarongs are therefore also real figure-flatterers, if you should feel the need to conceal something in between.

wrap skirt

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-13%Wraparound skirt by Tom TailorShop now€34.99 € 39.99

Of course, the classic wrap skirt should not be missing either. The wrap dress trend 2022 already shows how much we love to wrap - that is, our clothes. The beauty of a wrap skirt is that it is both elegant and casual. Here you can also combine boots with the entire outfit, but combat boots also look good with the maxi wrap skirt. It is best to choose a tight long-sleeved top with a round neckline or a turtleneck.

Swinging skirt

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Printed mesh skirtShop now€99.95

Everything can seem quite heavy in autumn and winter. Every piece of clothing is dark, the sky is gray and color ties in with the facade of each house, making it look like a wintry desert. Something light like a mesh skirt comes in handy . Because of its light fabric, it also makes you look more delicate and gives your everyday outfit a certain swing. Combine this with a short cardigan and a pair of combat boots. A wool coat completes the look.

knit skirt

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Knit skirt by EspritShop now€49.99

Knitwear clothes are everywhere these days. This is not surprising, after all, it is ideal for traveling and is also a welcome piece of clothing in other respects. Therefore, maxi knitted skirts are also the perfect companion for cold days when you don't want to wear pants. With tights, it provides at least as much warmth as trousers and - with the right tights - is even more comfortable than jeans. Style it with a sweater of the same color, sets are now often made and sold. Complete the look with a pair of boots.

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