Joe Biden completely confused: shock performance! US President forgets how he comes off the stage

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This performance went completely wrong again. US President Joe Biden (79) made a mighty embarrassing appearance at the Global Fund Conference in New York on Wednesday evening. Footage shows a visibly confused Biden who can't seem to find his way off the stage.

Joe Biden confused at Global Fund Conference in New York

Before his admittedly confused departure, Joe Biden had given a speech at the Global Fund Conference. When he had finished his remarks, the statesman actually just wanted to get off the stage when he suddenly stopped and looked around in confusion. Apparently, the 79-year-old no longer knew how to leave the stage. Seeking help, he asked the people standing around how he should get off the stage.

US President Joe Biden gets lost on stage

A man came up to the microphone and said, "Uh, Mr. President, thank you," while Biden continued to wander the stage. This led to further confusion on the part of the President, who slowly moved off the stage, pausing every few steps to thank the speaker for his leadership and comments.

Politicians describe Biden's shock appearance as "terrifying" and "sad"

Spectators reacted in shock to the renewed Biden dropout. Ex-Senator Ted Cruz tweeted the scene as "terrifying," and his communications advisor Steve Guest added in a tweet of his own: "Joe Biden is completely lost on stage. Scary and sad."

Doubts about Biden's health - Twitter users are shocked by Biden's "strange" behavior

Video of Biden's awkward performance has already gone viral, raising renewed doubts about Biden's physical and mental fitness for the presidency. The US President rejected the claim that he was too old or not able to run again in 2024 in his 60-minute interview on Sunday.

With his most recent appearance, he is apparently teaching his voters a better lesson. Numerous observers described the clip on Twitter as "sad" and stated that Biden was behaving "strangely" and "awkwardly". Incidentally, the confused exit from the stage was not Biden's only faux pas. Another shot shows Biden reaching out to shake hands with an unseen person. Biden himself has not yet commented on his extremely clumsy exit from the stage. Maybe it's better that way.

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