Disney+ new releases: Do you already know these series?

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Which recommended series are currently running on Disney+?

Disney + regularly expands its streaming offering with new films and series. In this article, we will introduce you to exciting, current series with first-class ratings and inform you about very fresh titles that have only appeared on Disney+ in the last few days and weeks. In September 2022 we recommend "9/11: A Day in America" with William Toti, "Adventures with Bertie Gregory" with Bertie Gregory and "Mouse: The Predator", among others.

Incidentally, Disney+ film fans can also enjoy numerous innovations: Current Disney+ films . Here you can find out which new series from the other major streaming providers Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+ are recommended:

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Disney+ highlights in September 2022: 5 series not to be missed

Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory : Nature Documentary and Adventure Program: Follow young National Geographic explorer Bertie Gregory around the world and be there as he captures extraordinary images of animals. He and his team use the latest technology, special outdoor knowledge and extreme survival tactics to defy all challenges and dangers and to get very close to the wild animal world.
Genre(s): Documentary
Duration: minutes
IMDB Rating: 87/100
Cast: Bertie Gregory and many more.

" Wild Central America": Join presenter Nigel Marven as he discovers the colorful and diverse wildlife and culture of Central America. Join him as he scales the Mayan ruins of El Mirador, Tikal and Yaxha in northern Guatemala, or traverses the jungle of the Darién Obstacle on the Panama-Colombia border in search of a giant eagle.
Genre(s): Documentary
Duration: 40 minutes
IMDB Rating: 84/100
Cast: Nigel Marven, Brian Cade and many more.

"American Crime Story" : Because American Crime Story is an anthology series, each season tells a self-contained story that operates completely independently of the events of the other season. Nevertheless, there is the possibility that previous events will be referred to at a later point in time. In the specific case of American Crime Story, the individual stories revolve around criminal cases that actually happened in the USA and attracted a lot of media attention.
Genre(s): Crime, Drama
Duration: minutes
IMDB Rating: 84/100
Cast: Sarah Paulson, Annaleigh Ashford, Sterling K. Brown, Kenneth Choi, Beanie Feldstein and many more.

"Snowdrop" : Two students at a renowned university in Seoul in the 1980s meet each other by chance and fall in love. But their love is overshadowed in the turbulent times of the historical student movements, which are directed against the dictatorial regime in South Korea and are bloodily suppressed.
Genre(s): Drama, Soap, War & Politics
Duration: 86 minutes
IMDB Rating: 82/100
Cast: Jung Hae-in, Kim Ji-soo, Yoo In-na, Jang Seung-jo, Yoon Se-ah and many more.

" Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident": Soviet Union, 1959: A KGB operative haunted by his experiences in World War II becomes an investigator into the mysterious deaths of nine hikers a passport in the Urals. The circumstances and clues surrounding the case range from strange to grotesque, and the further the investigation goes, the more it becomes clear that the real reason behind the group's death should remain veiled for good reasons...
Genre(s): Mystery, Action & Adventure
Duration: 55 minutes
IMDB Rating: 77/100
Cast: Ivan Mulin, Pyotr Fyodorov, Mariya Lugovaya, Andrey Dobrovolsky, Aleksey Kirsanov and many more.

Current series and seasons on Disney+ at a glance

begin title Series
09/2022 "Have You Seen This Man?" 1
09/2022 "Oddbods Cartoon" ("Oddbods (Shorts)") 1
09/2022 "La Fortuna" ("The Fortune") 1
09/2022 "The Ghost and Molly McGee" 1
09/2022 "making history" 1
09/2022 "Grow Up" 1
09/2022 "Epic Adventures with Bertie Gregory" 1
09/2022 "The Chicken Squad" 1
09/2022 "Mare Fuori - Cell with a View" ("The Sea Beyond") 1, 2
09/2022 "Wedding Season" 1
09/2022 "Tierra Incognita" ("Tierra Incognita") 1
09/2022 "Storm Rising" 1
09/2022 "Cars on the Road" 1
09/2022 "Nudes: Exposed Online" ("Nudes") 1
09/2022 "American Crime Stories" 1, 2, 3
09/2022 "The Dream Ship" 1, 2
09/2022 "Mouse: The Predator" 1
09/2022 "grid" 1
09/2022 "Red Election" 1
09/2022 "Mira - The Master Detective" ("Mira, Royal Detective") 1, 2, 3
09/2022 "Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident" 1
09/2022 "9/11: One Day in America" 1
09/2022 "Adventures with Timon and Pumbaa" ("Timon & Pumbaa") 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
09/2022 "The Rocketeer" 1
09/2022 "Wild Central America" 1
09/2022 "Fearless: The Australian Football League Women's" 1
09/2022 "snow drop" 1
09/2022 "I Didn't Do It" 1, 2
08/2022 "Beyond Magic with DMC" 1
08/2022 "Marvel Studios: Legends" 1

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