3-ingredient scrambled egg muffins: The perfect Sunday breakfast - ready in no time

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yotil mail
Do you have breakfast guests and don't really know what to surprise them with? With the savory muffins made from scrambled eggs, you can serve a meal in a flash and with only three ingredients that your guests will not soon forget.

Rolls, coffee and of course the obligatory breakfast egg. But how about transforming the egg into a whole new shape in just three steps and with just two additional ingredients? The scrambled egg muffins taste just as delicious as they look and are no more complicated to prepare than a classic scrambled egg.

Hearty breakfast muffins fresh from the oven

In the video you will learn how you can easily bake the egg muffins and which additional ingredients you need. We wish you a good appetite!

Source used: realfood.tesco.com

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